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12th November 2016


Nautica la Marina Owners' Association Donates to Community Centre Fund

Having concluded all outstanding business, Nautica Marina property owners decided that their association should be wound-up.

The committee decided that the £390.41 remaining in the cash reserve should be donated to the SHCA's Community Centre Furnishing Appeal.  This has now been received and added to the appeal's restricted account, which now hold a total of £2597.33.

SHCA Chairman, Des Davis, said, "We are very grateful for this generous donation and hope that the issues which are delaying the construction of the Community Centre will soon be resolved so that the cash can be put to good use."

25th November 2015

Some Progress at Last with the Community Centre

As I am sure many of you will have noticed, fencing has been erected around Site Five and a  notice board  identifying the proposed site for the Community Centre has also been erected.   Site investigations are currently being undertaken with test results being made known in December, so at long last something positive is actually happening on the site.

So although things have not gone according to plan with regards to commencing building we do appear to be getting back on track although somewhat delayed.

SeaChange Sussex, which will be responsible for delivery the centre has issued a project plan. Click here to view.

20th November 2015

Community Centre Opening Hours

When permission for the construction of the Sovereign Harbour Community Centre was granted, opening hours were set at 7am to 10pm. The trustees, mindful that this would impose serious restrictions on the centre as a venue to host family events, have made an application to vary these hours to 7am to midnight, in line with similar facilities both on and off the harbour.

This application is now open to public consultation; to make your views known, click here then click on "Search for planning applications" and enter 151229. When the application details are displayed, click on the "Comment" button and follow the instructions to make your views known.

25th August 2015


Pevensey Bay Sailing Club - Open day Saturday 29th August 2015

Come on Saturday 29th August for a look round the club and, if not too windy, a taster sail with an experienced member of the club. The day will start at approximately 11am and continue for most of the day. Food will be available and the bar will be open all day.

The Club has excellent clubhouse facilities, four safety boats, fifteen club sailing dinghies, windsurf training boards and is situated right on the beach at the eastern end of Sovereign Harbour. Come down and see for yourself.

A Sailing School operates within the Club and so if you are new to sailing or want to brush up your technique, sign up for a course. Buoyancy aids will be provided, but wet weather gear and a change of clothing will be needed for sailing.

Any questions please email the membership secretary Chris Clarke  on – membership@pbsc.eu or call the club on 01323 761002

21st August 2015

A photograph of harbour residents picking up litter from the North Harbour beach has been featured in a "Not On Our Beach" poster campaign. (See below).

7th August 2015

A group of harbour residents met this morning to clean up litter and "dog poo" from the North Harbour Beach under the banner "Not On Our Beach".

The residents spent ninety minutes, cleaning the beach from end-to-end, picking up a considerable amount of material. Many thanks to all who came along to help.

This was a joint event organised  by SHRA, SHCA, SHNP and Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour.  With thanks to Asda and Neighbourhood First Advisors for providing litter pickers, bags and protective gloves.

1st August 2015

The SHCA has today launched a campaign to raise the £40,000 required to equip the long awaited Sovereign Harbour Community Centre.

Construction of the centre is scheduled to begin in September, and it is expected to be open for use by mid-2016. SHCA Chairman, Des Davis said:

"It's really good to know that, after over twenty years of waiting, the Sovereign Harbour neighbourhood will, at last, be getting a facility that every other neighbourhood in the Borough takes for granted. However, although construction of the community centre is fully funded, there is no funding for equipment, and the community has been left to find the cash for this."

"The community centre, when finished, will be the biggest and most prestigious in the town, and it would be a huge pity if it was not equipped to the highest standard; we are, therefore, asking all harbour households to chip in just £10."

"If you would like to help ensure that the Sovereign Harbour Community Centre will reflect all that is good in our neighbourhood, please click on the link on the right of this page."


7th July 2015

At this evening's meeting of the Eastbourne Borough Council Planning committee, the members unanimously approved the application for the Sovereign Harbour Community Centre.

Members praised the Sovereign Harbour Residents Association and Sovereign Harbour Community Association for all their hard work in finally making this centre a reality.

28th April 2015

The planning application for the Sovereign Harbour Community Centre has now been validated and is available to view on the Eastbourne Borough Council Online Planning page.

The application is now open for your comments; search for application no. 150352.

Click here to download the "Design and Access Statement".


15th April 2015

The Sovereign Harbour Community Centre came another step closer yesterday when the demolition of the Sovereign Harbour Ltd Project Office was completed, leaving "Site 5" clear.

22nd March 2015

On 21st March, the Sovereign Harbour Community Association (SHCA) organised a "Harbour Clean-up Day" as part of the "Keep Britain Tidy" National Clear up Day.

Three groups of volunteers, about 45 in all, put on their gardening gloves and, armed with litter pickers, set about clearing up three problem areas; the entrance to the retail park, the land between the cycle path and the rear of the retail park, and the land adjacent to Martinique Way, known as Site One.

Over forty black bags were filled with litter and other assorted rubbish. Our thanks to Asda Community Involvement Colleague, Theresa Parkinson, for the loan of litter pickers and to the Neighbourhood First Team for supplying the bags and arranging for them to be picked up.

Many of those who participated said they thought it would be good to make this a regular event, perhaps targeting a specific area. If you would like to take part, please e-mail the SHCA letting them know how frequently you feel the events should be held, what days and times would be convenient for you and which area(s) you would like to target.

6th March 2015


Sovereign Harbour Community Centre
Light at the end of the Tunnel

Following 10 years of campaigning on behalf of residents for a Community Centre in Sovereign Harbour, the SHRA can at last see their goal in sight.

Subject to a planning application, which it is hoped will go to the Planning Committee at the end of March, work will start on a 800m2 Community Centre in the latter part of this year and will be open for business in 2016. The Sovereign Harbour Community Centre, when built, will be the largest Community Centre in Eastbourne.

A meeting was held on the 19th January with local Ward and County Councillors, the Chief Executive, Planning Officers and Leader of Eastbourne Borough Council along with the Chief Executive of Sea Change Sussex (a not for profit Organisation) who will be overseeing the project, together with a recently appointed Project Manager and Architects, Wave Leisure Trust, as well as representatives from SHRA and Sovereign Harbour Community Association (SHCA).
At this meeting a Technical Group was established to finalise the interior design of the Community Centre. The Technical Group is made up from Council Officers, Project Manager, representatives from SHCA along with a representative from Wave Leisure Trust who has been commissioned by the Council to assist the Community Association on all aspects of managing the Community Centre, particularly with regard to long term sustainability.

Jan Weeks, Chair of Sovereign Harbour Residents Association said “I am very encouraged by these latest developments which signal the end of 10 years of campaigning for this essential facility. My thanks go to everyone who has supported our aspirations and are helping to make the Community Centre a reality”.

Several groups have already indicated their interest in using the Centre. It is intended that marketing of the facility will commence in earnest once the foundations have been laid.

If you or your group would like to register your interest please contact Des Davis (Chair – SHCA) at info@sh-ca.org.

Sovereign Harbour Community Centre

Delivery of the long-awaited Sovereign Harbour Community Centre took a significant step forward this week at a meeting held in the Borough Council offices in Grove Road on Monday 19th January. Members of the SHCA, the SHRA, Sovereign Ward Councillors Elkin, Jenkins and Ede, council leader Cllr Tutt, council CEO Rob Cotrill and planning officers were introduced to the project team which will be responsible for the design and delivery of the centre.

The project will be overseen by SeaChange Sussex, the company currently constructing Pacific House, in the Sovereign Harbour Innovation Park, and a Project Manager and a firm of architects have already been appointed.

The meeting was updated on progress, and shown draft designs for the Community Centre. A working group, including SHCA trustees, Des and Shirley Davis and Rick Runalls, was set up to carry the project forward and it is expected that a planning application will be submitted in the near future. If approved, work will start in the late spring/early summer, with the centre open for business early in 2016.


Harbour Walk 2014

The 2014 Harbour Walk took place on Sunday 8th June in Glorious Eastbourne sunshine. 

Walkers were accompanied by Stephen Lloyd MP and Cllrs Ansell, Elkin and Jenkins. “Micky Mouse”, “Mini Mouse” and “Barnaby Bee” mingled and posed for photographs with participants and visitors at the start and the superb “Stix Drummers” led the walkers away and greeted them on their return. 

The start of the walk was delayed when an employee of Premier Marinas ignored a request to leave the North Harbour Bridge down to allow the walkers to cross.  The bridge was raised it to allow the passage of one small boat, and then not lowered until two more boats had made their leisurely way through. 

The walk was jointly organised by the Sovereign Harbour Community Association (SHCA) and the Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour; all proceeds were divided between “Combat Stress” and the SHCA Community Centre fund.

Click here to view video.
Click here to view photographs.


Harbour Community Carnival Entry

The Sovereign Harbour Community joined together to take part in the 2014 Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival.

Click here for video and pictures.


Open Meeting to Plan Carnival Entry

Plans for a Sovereign Harbour float in the 2014 Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival are under way, organised under the direction of the Drama Group. We would love more harbour residents to be involved so please email SHCA if you would like to help in planning and putting the entry together.

There will be an open meeting on Wednesday 26th February 2014 at 7pm in the Sovereign Harbour Yacht Club.  It would be really good if as many of you as possible can attend so that we can “get the show on the road” and have the opportunity to show you what has already been sourced. Everyone Welcome!


Sixties Music Evening Great Success

Over one hundred harbour residents and guests met for a meal and an evening of Sixties music in Pablo’s at the Sovereign Harbour Waterfront on Thursday 30th January. 

The event, jointly organised by the Sovereign Harbour Community Association (SHCA) and the Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour was held to raise funds for the construction of the SHCA entry for the Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival. 

Not only did everybody have a fun evening, but £764 was raised for the carnival fund.


Sixties Music Evening

Fundraising for the construction of the Sovereign Harbour entry for the 2014 Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival will start with a "Sixties Music Evening" at Pablo's on the Waterfront on 30th January 2014.

Click here for more information.


Harbour Walk 2014

The SHCA has joined with the Rotary Club of Sovereign Harbour to organise the 2014 Harbour Walk.  The 2014 walk will be held on 8th June and will use the same route as in previous years.

This year, the proceeds will be split evenly between the nominated Rotary charity, Combat Stress, and the SHCA Community Centre fund.

For more information, visit the Harbour Walk website. 


Eastbourne Sunshine Carnival 2014

The SHCA has taken on the task of ensuring that there is a Sovereign Harbour entry for the 2014 event, which will take place on Saturday the 31st of May 2014, and has revived the "Sovereign Harbour Carnival Crew".

The theme for this year's Carnival is "Rio by the Sea”